Why Electrical Safety Inspections Are Critical for Businesses

Mar 17, 2023

Your place of business requires electricity throughout the workday. Without electrical service, you could not see, run many types of equipment, or provide a safe place for customers, vendors, and other visitors. That's why electrical safety inspections are essential to help ensure your business can continue without unexpected interruptions. You might wonder what an electrical safety inspection can do to help your business. The following information should help you to better understand why electrical safety inspections are critical for your business.

Ensure Productivity

Electricity requires good equipment and wiring to support your business and enable workers to do their jobs. An electrical safety inspection will help to locate any trouble spots that might require maintenance or repairs. You should plan safety inspections of your business's electrical system at least once per year, preferably twice or more. The more frequent your inspections, the more you can count on reliable electrical service to maintain productivity.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 729,000 electricians were licensed in the United States in 2020. So, plenty of available electricians are qualified to perform commercial electrical system inspections.

Protect Workers and Others

The most important reason why your business needs electrical service inspections is for safety. Electricity is potentially deadly and could cause serious injuries or even death. A safety inspection might locate a potential electrical shock or electrocution hazard. If it does, you can initiate immediate repairs while protecting your workers, customers, and other visitors. Regularly scheduled electrical system inspections will help to prevent workplace injuries or deaths. The safer the workplace, the less liability you have to worry about.

Prevent Electrical Fires and System Failures

An electrical fire is another potential danger you can help prevent with frequent inspections. If your business uses flammable materials, an electrical fire might result. A qualified commercial electrician can identify potential dangers that might lead to an electrical fire that could produce catastrophic results.

A qualified commercial electrician can also ensure your electrical service uses the right equipment to contain the electricity and prevent shorts and other electrical failures. The electrician can check that your circuit breakers, electrical lines, and power connections are in good working order.

When your electrical service is in good condition, you must also ensure the electrical equipment itself is good. The electrician can check your equipment to see if it's safe to continue using. The last thing you want is someone being shocked or electrocuted due to your faulty equipment.

Ensure Compliance With Federal, State, and Local Regulations

Commercial operations must abide by federal, state, and local regulations concerning electrical service. A qualified commercial electrician should know the regulations that would apply to your place of business.

The commercial electrical inspection can help to ensure your system meets all regulatory requirements. When they do, you can avoid potential fines, fees, and other costs that might arise from having a substandard electrical system.

If your electrical system does not comply with regulatory requirements, an electrical inspection can identify what you need to do in order to correct the problem. The electrician might even have the equipment available to provide an immediate fix to ensure compliance with government standards.

Show Responsible Ownership

When you submit your business to electrical inspections regularly and frequently, you should document them and their results. The more often you pay for electrical inspections, the more you can show that you are taking reasonable steps to ensure workplace safety.

The electricians who perform the inspections should provide you with inspection reports that show what the electrician inspected, any relevant data, and any recommendations. When you have a series of inspections with such documentation filed for reference, you can use them to show you are a responsible business owner who takes reasonable steps to ensure the safety of workers and visitors. This documentation may come in handy if you need to file an insurance claim.

Protect Your Business Investment

Electrical system inspections help to protect your business investment. You have significant investments in the property, equipment, and supplies needed for your business to operate. It would be best to protect those investments with frequent and regular electric service inspections.

These inspections are the best insurance that you could have against electrical fires, worker injuries, or damaged equipment. They also help to ensure electrical system failures will not disrupt your business or cause unexpected and sudden problems. If you need an electrical inspection for your business, give Majestic Plumbing & Electric a call.

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