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Keep Your Business Safe From Electrical Hazards

It's important to keep your electrical system up to code not just to ensure you're following the local municipality's standards but also to keep yourself, the property you're responsible for, and the people you care about as safe as possible.

Make sure your electrical system is up to par with a thorough safety inspection provided by Majestic Plumbing & Electric. Our detail-focused electricians know what to look for and how best to resolve any issues that are discovered. Contact us today to schedule your electrical inspection and let our pros help keep your home or business safe!

When You Might Need an Electrical Safety Inspection

  • You’re purchasing a new home or property, and you want to know what kind of shape it’s in
  • Your home or property is over 35 years old
  • You’re looking to upgrade your appliances, equipment, or power requirements
  • You’re adding extensions to my home or business
  • You’re remodeling your home or business
  • The previous owners used outdated or faulty electrical installation
  • You’ve performed repairs or replacements from a documented safety or fire hazard
  • You want to improve energy efficiency
  • An insurance risk assessment found potential electrical problems
  • You’ve installed new lighting and want to verify proper bulb wattage
  • Your property’s switches and outlets are faulty or inconsistent
  • You’ve discovered exposed wiring or outdated wiring
  • You’ve made changes after a lightning strike or other electrical surge damage
  • Your electrical panels are consistently overloaded, or the breakers flip constantly
  • You’ve made repairs after an electrical disaster at my home or business

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