Common Signs That You Need a Plumbing Contractor

Oct 06, 2023

Whether you own a residential or commercial building, you need sturdy piping to carry water in and out. Bad pipes were among the reasons over 12 million Americans needed a plumber more than three times in 2022, according to Kitchen Infinity, an online home improvement resource. Keep reading to learn a few signs of when it's time to call your local plumbing contractor for a thorough inspection of your pipes.

Pesky Leaks

The most common problems you'll face with your pipes are leaks. Leaks can spring from the smallest crack or hole in your pipe and can easily develop into a larger problem when they go untreated. Unfortunately, a leak can linger for a long time before you notice. However, the final effects of a leak will eventually reveal itself by way of stains on your ceilings and walls. You may see dark and wet spots or end up with mold.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it only takes mold 24 to 72 hours to begin growing in a wet environment. If you've had a small leak that's gone on for weeks or months, imagine how much mold has had the opportunity to grow and spread throughout your home! Like a leak, you may feel the presence of mold before you see it. Those mold spores will travel through the air and can enter your lungs. As a result, anyone in your home can develop respiratory infections, asthma, and emphysema, among other complications.

Don't wait if you think you have a leak. What is now a small problem can turn into a huge headache if ignored. Do the right thing for yourself, your family, or your business and call your local plumbing contractor. They have the right tools to either fix the crack in its early stages or replace the piping if it's no longer salvageable.

Concerning Noises

Be aware of strange noises in your pipes. Is there excessive gurgling, banging, clanging, or whistling? It's usually a sign that something is either clogged or air is trapped. You may often hear such noises after you flush a toilet or when water is trying to drain out after you've washed up. A professional can use a plumbing snake to unclog the drains if necessary. In some cases, air may be escaping due to a looseness in the pipes, which can be tightened up by your plumber.

Rusty Water

You should never drink or bathe in rusty water. If you notice reddish or brownish water coming from your pipes, that's a sign that corrosion has set in. Oxidation, hard water, or a pH imbalance can create pipe corrosion. Rusty water can stain your fixtures and usually has a nasty smell. Of course, it also affects your health if you ingest it. When a plumbing contractor handles the situation, they'll be able to replace those pipes immediately.

Low Pressure

Water should flow out of your pipes easily as you shower or run the faucet. If the water pressure has begun to slow down to a trickle, you have a problem on your hands. After all, low water pressure affects your home and personal sanitation since it will be harder to wash anything normally. This is usually the result of clogged or corroded pipes and fixtures caused by a buildup of hard water minerals.

Hard Water

Are you noticing a concentration of white material around your fixtures? When you wash your dishes, does it seem like it's impossible to fully clean them because there's always a weird film left behind? Do you get that same filmy substance on your skin when taking a shower? If this is the case, hard water may be running through your plumbing. Over time, hard water leaves deposits that can eventually damage your pipes and cause more issues. When you alert a plumber to this issue, they can make any necessary repairs or replacements and can even install a water-softening system to prevent this problem from returning.

Foul Smells

Is there a lingering odor constantly coming from your pipes? As you cook, you may have inadvertently poured organic matter like grease and food scraps down your sink. Built-up food matter can promote the growth of bacteria and mold in your piping which can be just as harmful as mold in any other part of the building.

Whatever you do, don't be tempted to use over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners! Those cleaners will cause even more problems with your piping and may seep out of your septic tank, contaminating your local soil and possibly the groundwater supply. Why risk environmental hazards when a plumber can come and use their plumbing snake to help solve your pipe problems?

Increased Bills

A functioning home or business needs water, so it's a bill you can't avoid. However, it's also a bill that can take a lot from your overhead budget when there are piping issues. A good way to stay ahead of the game is by monitoring your water meter for any sudden changes.

The cost of inefficient plumbing can sneak up on you. After all, leaks can be hard to detect when they're very small or in an unseen location like behind a wall or basement. That's why when high water bills start coming in, the first thing you should do is call your plumber to perform an overview of your property and see what they can detect.

An experienced plumber will quickly be able to find the source of inefficiency and solve the problem. It may be tempting to try this yourself, but you may end up wasting a lot of time looking for a leak when a professional could save you time and energy. You're also not likely to have the specialized tools an expert brings to fix this hassle.

Sub-Zero Temperatures

As winter approaches, it's a good time to prepare your pipes for freezing temperatures. If you have frozen pipes during the winter, it can stop your home from getting the water it needs. In many cases, a frozen pipe could bust and lead to expensive repairs.

A professional plumber knows just how to insulate your pipes to prevent any freezing issues. If they see any cracks or splits, they can repair them before they worsen. If you've had frozen pipes in the past, this fall is a good time to call your local plumbing contractor for preventative work.

Constant Clogs

Are you dealing with constant clogs but don't know why? Even if you've been careful to use a drainage protector, your clogs may happen due to pipes that are too narrow and are being blocked by a small bit of material. You may also have a backup by way of a full sewage tank. Whether you’re dealing with solidified food grease or a full septic tank that needs pumping, your professional plumber can quickly identify the issue and handle it accordingly.

Keep your plumbing system functioning properly with good maintenance. After all, water should be able to freely flow in and out of your home or business. Unresolved pipe issues can result in more costly and destructive problems like major leaks, flooding, and mold. Your local plumbing contractorwill be able to easily handle any of these issues and ensure your pipes are running smoothly. Contact our team at Majestic Plumbing & Electric today to get started!

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