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Home Clogged Drains

Unclog Drains

If you’ve ever owned a house, you know how much of a hassle that clogged drains can be. In fact, calling it a hassle may be a vast understatement. Pain-in-the-you-know-what is more like it! You may have had clogged drains in the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, your shower, your lovely garden bathtub, downspout drains, or any other drain you might have inside or outside your home. And the natural response from most homeowners is to remedy the terrifyingly stinky situation quickly, before it gets worse! But if you’ve ever tried to unclog drains, you know that the filth and nastiness that spews from the dark below is not easily rectified. When the tides of free-flowing drains turn on you and your home, you instantly regret whatever combinations of actions, or unpreparedness that brought you to this point!

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Do you feel like your drains, and all the hair, food, oils, and grossness that you thought were long gone have come back to haunt you? Do you feel like it’s an all-out rebellion? Surely, this is what Louis XVII must have felt like when the minions he had long ago dismissed came back to attack him in his beautiful home. Do you feel like screaming “You dirty drain filth! If I wanted you to hang around I would have laid you on the carpet instead of washing you down the drain!”

Well, scream all you want to. When clogged drains retaliate, no amount of verbal reasoning will convince the backed up receptacles to comply with your “cease fire” demands. You might even rummage the cabinets for that half bottle of cheap, store-bought drain cleaner. Go ahead! Pour it down! You might quell the rush for a moment. But at most, you’ve pacified the situation. The chances are high that if you don’t properly unclog drains, they will keep getting stopped up, and continue to revolt against your desires to keep the grossness underground. Actually, they might even come back with some of the cheap drain cleaner with which you tried to force your will on the pipes.

Don’t worry! You aren’t the first metro Atlanta home owner that this has happened to! And you won’t be the last! So what’s the difference between those who are caught off guard by clogged drain problems and those who seem to take them in stride? Simple! The calm victors called the professionals from Majestic Plumbing & Electric! Majestic has been in the plumbing business for way more years than your drains have been clogged. Not only can we completely quell the current issues you have with blocked plumbing drainage, but we can set you on a beautiful pathway to prevention! Ask our experts about preventative maintenance options, hydro jetting, or any of our long-term sewer drain cleaning services.

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