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Sewer Repair

Chances are, you will know when you have a severe sewer backup. The grossness that seems to be finding its way BACK into your residential or commercial bathroom, kitchen, or downspout area is fairly undeniable. But what if your sewer system malfunction isn’t yet severe? What if there were ways you could detect sewer problems BEFORE they became drastic. Is that something you might be interested in? You probably would! If you need your sewer system checked for potential problems, call the specialists from Majestic Plumbing & Electric. We’ve been handling sewer malfunctions for a much longer span of time than you’ve been having them. And we are ready, willing, and able to help you avoid a terrible situation with gross sewer catastrophes, any day, any time. Call All Majestic for all of your sewer repair needs!

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Trees! We love them in our yards! We love them by our sidewalks! They offer shade, natural beauty, and fresh, breathable oxygen every day of the year. But those descriptions only really pertain to the “above ground” functions of trees. Underground, it can be an entirely different story. The roots from our beloved trees can wreak havoc on your water pipes, and especially your sewer systems, including your sink to street waterflow systems. Tree roots are always seeking water and nutrients, both of which are found in or around underground pipes and sewer systems.

You might not think that tree roots have the strength or ability to go through underground piping, but you would be surprised! Tree roots can go through concrete, metal, plastic, or nearly any other type of material that is buried underground. Once inside, they can expand the piping, and rip one or more exit alleys through the piping. The result is either water or sewage that does not flow in correctly, does not flow out correctly, or cause sewage spills, backups, and other malfunctions. What a nightmare!

Clogs, either from improper excavation, broken lines, or simply from people using their commodes as a trash can, can also cause major sewer repair needs. So if your little girl has used the family bathroom as a Barbie doll burial ground, don’t get mad at your little girl, get sewer repair from Majestic Plumbing & Electric! (404) 418-8282

CALL TODAY! (404) 418-8282