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Home Sewer Repair

Need Sewer Repair?

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From Street to Sink, Majestic Plumbing and Electric specializes in taking care of all your Plumbing and Sewer Repair needs. For your home or for your business, don’t let your Sewage problems become an all-out war. Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric, and get it done quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to life as normal!

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There’s No Real Guesswork Involved - When You Need Sewer Repair, You’ll Know It

Chances are, you will know when you have a severe sewer backup. The grossness that seems to be finding its way BACK into your home or office bathroom or kitchen sink is fairly undeniable. When you flush, you fully expect to never think about, see, or hear from the items you flushed, ever again. But when you need Sewer Repair, everything you’ve sent down the drain could make its presence known again in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, utility room, front yard, or anywhere else on your property. What a terrible, disgusting thought! And for homeowners and business owners who are in obvious need of sewer repair, spewing sewage may not even be the most disgusting part!

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are an unwelcome addition to any home or business. Depending on underlying factors, it can be a challenge to unclog drains completely. Get your entire drainage system unclogged quickly and efficiently with one quick call to Majestic Plumbing & Electric.

Backed Up Toilets

What’s worse than clogged drains? Ask any homeowner or business owner in the Greater Atlanta area, and they’ll tell you that Clogged Toilets are terrible to deal with. If your plunging skills are falling short, call Majestic Plumbing’s emergency plumbing crew.

Noxious Smells

When you have a noxious smell at your home or business, it’s almost as if nothing else matters, other than getting rid of that terrible stink. Majestic Plumbing & Electric has the tools and experience to locate and eradicate those nauseating odors before they take over your home or work life!

Garbage Disposals

Majestic Plumbing & Electric’s trained technicians can handle every aspect of your Garbage Disposal needs, whether you need installation or repair. We’re your top choice for Atlanta Sewer Repair experts. For home or business, call Majestic Plumbing & Electric.

Sump & Sewer Pumps

Majestic Plumbing & Electric is your top choice for Marietta Sewer Repair. We offer residential and commercial sump & sewer pump services. If some combination of water or sewage is constantly pooling or leaking into places you don’t want, our professionals can help. Call today!

Hydro Jetting

Often thought of in the Commercial Sewer Repair realm, Hydro-Jetting can be beneficial for homeowners, business owners, and municipal organizations alike. Majestic has the skills and tools to handle your sewer repair needs, right where you are.

Sink & Floor Drains

“Help! I need sewer repair, now!” We have heard that cry numerous times over the years. And every time we’re called upon, we answer with resounding success. Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric for Sink & Floor Drain services, or for any of your other Plumbing or Sewer Repair needs.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow happens when your wastewater gets into your potable water. Toilets, dishwashers, & washing machines are all sources of unhealthy backflow. To prevent backflow, call Majestic to install your backflow prevention devices.

Sewer Repairs Will Only Get Worse Over Time if Left Unattended – Call Majestic

Did you know that the average cost of sewage repair is well over $2500? The average range of residential sewer repair typically ranges from $1000-$4000, depending on the severity of the situation, and the scope of the necessary repairs. If you have a broken sewer main, or your sewage piping has burst between the street and your sink, you need an expert sewer repair technician as soon as possible. Thankfully, Majestic Plumbing and Electric’s team of award-winning plumbers and sewer repair experts are here for you! If you call soon enough, you might be able to avoid a very costly job. If you need sewer repair, or you think your street to sink sewage system might be in jeopardy, don’t delay! Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric today!

Majestic Plumbing Can Catch Your Sewage Problems Before They Drain Your Wallet

But what if your sewer system malfunction isn’t yet severe? What if there were ways you could detect sewer problems BEFORE they became drastic. Is that something you might be interested in? You probably would! There are a few things that might tip you off regarding clogged or damaged sewer pipelines. Gurgling toilets and slow flowing drains might very well be indicators of an ongoing sewage pipe clog. Another indicator of problems might be the smell of rotting food from your kitchen area. This would occur if foodstuffs that you drop down the drain are not making their way to your sewage tank, and are rotting in the pipes. If you need an expert to check your sewer system for potential problems, call Majestic Plumbing and Electric. We’ve been handling sewage system and plumbing malfunctions for much longer than you’ve been having them. Our trained, certified, experienced service techs are ready, willing, and able to help you, 24/7.

Tree Roots - How Can They Affect Your Sewage System? Let Us Help You Out

Trees! We love them in our yards! We love them by our sidewalks! They offer shade, natural beauty, and fresh, breathable oxygen every day of the year. But under the ground, it can be an entirely different story. The roots from our beloved trees can wreak havoc on your water pipes, and especially your sewer systems, including your sink to street waterflow systems. Tree roots are always seeking water and nutrients, both of which are found in or around underground pipes and sewer systems. You might not think that tree roots have the strength or ability to go through underground piping, but you would be surprised! Tree roots can go through concrete, metal, plastic, or nearly any other type of material that is buried underground. Once inside, they can expand the piping, and rip one or more exit alleys through the piping. The result is either water or sewage that does not flow in correctly, does not flow out correctly, or cause sewage spills, backups, and other malfunctions. What a nightmare! Don’t let trees un-root your outgoing pipe system! Keep your sewage flowing away from your home or business. Call for a Majestic Plumbing and Electric sewer repair expert, today!

Clogs, either from improper excavation, broken lines, or simply from people using their commodes as a trash can, can also cause major sewer repair needs. So if your little girl has used the family bathroom as a Barbie doll burial ground, don’t get mad at your little girl! Get Georgia’s best sewer repair from Majestic Plumbing and Electric! (404) 418-8282

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