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Todd Barth

Todd Barth

Occupation: Plumbing Manager
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

July 19th, 1996 was a big day for Todd Barth. It was the day the Opening Ceremonies began in Atlanta. It was his daughter’s first birthday. And it was the day he stepped off the ambulance, leaving his career as a paramedic for a new adventure in plumbing. He was as excited to master the trade of plumbing as he was to not have to work 24-hour shifts for minimal pay. He began this new adventure with his brother, as a helper for a plumbing company in Kennesaw. With steady hands and an earnest disposition, Todd quickly excelled at plumbing. This was an amazing turning point in his life.

Todd is a fully-certified Master Plumber. He oversees the entire Plumbing Department, including the personnel, and job quality assessments. So you can rest assured that your plumbing needs are being met by highly-trained service professionals, and supervised by experienced, Master Plumber eyes.

If you needed further proof of the kind of leadership that exists at Majestic, listen to this story. Early in his career, Todd fixed the plumbing for a family that he had actually been to as an EMT just a short time before. He was able to attend to their needs in two very different ways, but two very important ways. To this day, Todd will still stop and check in on same that family, if he happens to be in the neighborhood. That is the kind of service that you get with Todd Barth. And that kind of loyalty, and that deep level of concern, is what Todd tries to permeate to his technicians.

With the right support system, Todd believes that the talented individuals with which he works will continue to grow and become even more outstanding than they already are. When you start with the best young talent, who actually happen to be good people, that’s a great start. But when they are shepherded by experienced talent, who happen to be great people, you can really create a dynamic environment that produces the kind of amazing service professionals that Majestic is known for, more so than perhaps any other Atlanta Plumbing Company.

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