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Lonnie Perry

Lonnie Perry

Occupation: President
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

There are a lot of Atlanta Plumbers in the Metro Atlanta area. But when you want Atlanta Plumbers with an outstanding track record, reputation, and customer service standing, look to owner Lonnie Perry, and his Majestic Plumbing and Electric team of award-winning plumbers! A Master Plumber by trade, Lonnie Perry started his plumbing adventures in August of 1995. He took his experience, head for business, and desire to put customer service at the forefront, and launched Majestic Plumbing in January of 2006.

The service professionals from Majestic Plumbing soon became one of the most heralded groups of Atlanta Plumbers in and around the Atlanta Metro area, and beyond. When you start a company, have watched it blossom, and now see it continue to expand its horizons, the pressure can sometimes be too great for a normal individual to bear.

But the reasons that Lonnie Perry is not overwhelmed by Majestic’s growth and diversity are simple: First off, Lonnie is no average individual. He is driven. He is spirited. He is a no-nonsense, bottom-line kind of guy. But most of all, he is a faithful, family man who is devoutly dedicated to customer service. In fact, it’s what he built his entire enterprise on from day one. Lonnie knew that hiring high-quality technicians who were expertly focused on customer service would cause Majestic’s reputation to grow quicker, and more substantially, than any other method of expansion.

Lonnie considers every new day with Majestic a victory. He feels this way because, in his estimation, the Majestic team is as complete right now as it’s ever been. With as many various operations as there are under the Majestic umbrella, it can be very difficult for all the personalities of technicians, supervisors, and staff to align perfectly. But Lonnie feels that at this moment in time, all the self-proclaimed misfits and oddly-shaped pieces that exist inside of Majestic Plumbing and Electric fit together perfectly. That is what makes Majestic great!

He trusts his leadership team. He knows he can rely on them. He trusts his technicians. He admires their intellect. He believes in their abilities. He has confidence in in their respective aptitudes, their flexibility, and their work ethics. He knows that they will represent the Majestic name with the utmost integrity, with high-quality service, and with the same professionalism on each and every customer interaction, estimate, or job that they undertake. Lonnie knows that every Majestic service professional will do business just like he would if he were there. That’s why he trusts them. He thinks you should, too.

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