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Home Natural Gas

Need Natural Gas?

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Majestic Plumbing and Electric now offers Natural Gas Services! From new natural gas installation to natural gas repairs & replacement, we provide the highest quality gas services in Metro Atlanta.

natural gas gives a clean burn

Natural Gas - The Cleanest Burn You Can Get for Your Home

If you want the cleanest way to heat your home, cook your food, and warm your water this winter, consider Natural Gas services from Majestic Plumbing and Electric. You know what we can do for your Plumbing & Electric needs, imagine what our experts could do for your home or business with Natural Gas installation. Watch your bills come down, and watch your home’s total efficiency rise as soon as you choose the cleanest burn around, Natural Gas. You can avoid unsightly buildup, and never have to clean up after natural gas. Natural gas is safer to use, cheaper to burn, and easier to store than any other fuel source. If you’ve ever lost power in winter, and only had electric heat, you know how tedious life can get if you go a few days, or even a week, without lights, heat, or hot water. Natural Gas works, regardless of sun, wind, or rain. Keep your family warm in any weather this winter, with Natural Gas from Majestic Plumbing and Electric.

The Wintertime Perks of Natural Gas as a Heating and Hot Water Source

What kind of heat source do you normally use at home in wintertime? Natural Gas furnaces produce heat without the unwanted, weirdly cool backdrafts of electrical heat pumps. What do you use to power your hot water heater? If you’re using electricity, you’re selling yourself, and your hot water supply, very short. Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters can produce nearly an endless supply of hot water. All in all, Natural Gas has proven to be more cost-effective for heat, cooking, and hot water than electricity, heating oils, propane, or any other heat source. It’s also reliable, even in storms! Natural Gas comes through pipelines underground into your home, so storms just can’t touch your natural gas source.

Why else should you consider natural gas for your home?

  • Natural Gas is safe to use, much safer than propane or heating oils
  • Natural Gas burns at a highly efficient rate per consumption
  • Natural Gas is a consistent, readily available commodity
  • Natural Gas usage reduces the carbon footprint of electric or wood heat
  • Natural Gas burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel
  • Natural Gas doesn’t leave soot, ash, or unpleasant odors behind
  • Natural Gas can be piped directly to your home or business
  • Natural Gas is in abundant supply, as opposed to oil-based fuels
  • Natural Gas is a semi-renewable resource
  • Natural Gas produces 90% fewer smog-inducing pollutants than petroleum
  • Natural Gas has become so popular, there are more outstanding natural gas appliances
  • Natural Gas is now readily supplied by Majestic Plumbing and Electric!

Safe. Efficient. Smart. Economical. Environmentally conscious. Affordable. Convenient. Green. Economical. Natural Gas has been embraced by so many Americans for home usage, it has become fasting growing energy source in the last 15 years. Discover the greatness of Natural Gas, just like so many of your friends and neighbors have! If you have more questions, or you’d like to know what else Natural Gas by Majestic Plumbing and Electric can do for you, feel free to contact us! Majestic Plumbing and Electric is now Metro Atlanta’s leader in Natural Gas! We are excited to serve all your natural gas needs, plumbing needs, electrical needs, sewer repair needs, and so much more! Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric, and speak with Natural Gas expert today!

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