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Most people think that sewage pumps are the same thing as sump pumps. But this is simply not true! These two excavation devices have different functions, different powering methods, and serve different, albeit similar, purposes. And you might have even heard of some other names, like effluent pumps, or sewage ejectors. A person could just as overwhelmed by the options to remove unwanted wastes as they are by the wastes that are pooling up, and ruining their residential or commercial experience.

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But you shouldn’t feel like you have to know everything about these pumps, or what they do, to know that you need an excavation pump for your home or business. At Majestic Plumbing & Electric, we go to great lengths to communicate, in terms you can understand, what we know about sewer repair issues like pumps. We are ready, willing, and able to work with you to find the best, quickest, most productive, and most efficient solution for your sewage removal needs.

Sump pumps, also sometimes referred to as laundry ejectors, are largely used to expel water or watery substances from your home, business, basement, or anywhere else where you have unwanted water collections, or are prone to have undesired water pooling. A grey water ejection indicates that there is some dirt, grime, or other fairly soluble substances being removed by your pump. More dense substances, like algae, solid waste, or non-biodegradable trash, might not be expelled by a typical sump pump. You might need an actual sewage pump.

A sewage pump, sometimes called a sewage ejector, is often what a home or business owner would have to procure in order to remove solid wastes, like the wastes common in malfunctioning bathroom situations. The differences in design are both as similar, and as different, as the differences in function for these two styles of pumps.

Both kinds of pumps will have a sophisticated, yet flexible, temporary tubing system. Both systems will have some sort of storage tank or temporary holding canisters attached to the pump exit system. A sewage pump will be equipped with safety removal precautions, like an alarm of some kind, that will alert the hired excavation company that it’s time to remove their containers. Sump pumps can be pedestal style, which makes them visible, or submersible, which means they could be put underwater to get water removed from a pit or other location in which a pedestal sump pump could not be used.

Whether your desired excavation materials are solid, water-only, above ground, underground, or whether they are located inside or outside of a working or living structure, you know one thing above all else: you want it gone. Majestic Plumbing & Electric can make that happen for you. Call us today, and watch your water excavation and sewage removal problems simply vanish. (404) 418-8282

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