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Can you believe that it’s the 21st century, and no one has invented self-installing appliances yet? Unbelievable! Well, until science catches up to our most basic needs and wants, you can still have the next best thing to self-installing appliances, and that’s Majestic Plumbing & Electric!

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The Plumbing, Electrical, and more superstars are also the go-to company in Metro Atlanta for residential or commercial plumbing appliance installation. And don’t worry. If you’ve already tried to install your newly purchased plumbing appliance, but have made a big mess of things, we can step right in and fix your not-so-do-it-yourself job before the wife ever gets home. And we’re so stealthy, skilled, efficient, and clean, she may not even know we were there! Unless of course she calls your bluff, knowing that if it works, you probably didn’t install it. No other Marietta Plumber would be willing to go the extra mile for you, but the service professionals from Majestic Plumbing & Electric would! Majestic is the name most associated with quality plumbing appliance installation in the Atlanta Metro area, and all other surrounding areas.

So what are you looking to install? Bathroom Sink Faucets? Bathroom Sinks? Toilets? Garden Bathtubs? Standing Showers? Bidets? Kitchen Faucets? Kitchen Sinks? Bar Sinks? Utility Sinks? For all those appliances, and so many more, call Majestic Plumbing & Electric! (404) 418-8282

Even if you have the capabilities to get your new appliance, install it, and get it up and running, do you know if you got the most long-term cost efficient model? What about proper grounding? Are all your pipes best fit for long term use, or will there be more problems down the line? Perhaps the best way to avoid these kinds of hassles is to work with professionals. And in Marietta, Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, or any surrounding area, the first choice in professional plumbers is Majestic Plumbing & Electric. Call us today for your plumbing appliance work, and let us show you the kind of service that earned us an Angie’s List Super Service award. (404) 418-8282

CALL TODAY! (404) 418-8282