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If you quantified the skills, experience, and expertise of every Majestic Plumbing & Electric service professional, the results would be astounding. Experience not just one, or two, but an entire fleet of award winning professionals.

Andrew Becker
Andrew Becker
Electrical Technician

Age: 27
Experience: 4 Years
Specialties: Circuit Troubleshooting

Andrew grew up in St. John, Indiana and currently lives in metro Atlanta with his three dogs and cat. Andrew spends his weekends riding his motorcycle and building “just about anything.” He is also Windows Server with Active Directory Certified.

Steve Eberly
Steve Eberly
Electrical Technician

Age: 56
Experience: 9 Years
Specialties: General Electrical Services

Steve grew up in Canton, Ohio, currently lives in Hiram, GA, and is celebrating over 36 years of marriage. Steve enjoys spending his weekends with his three kids and generally “not working.” He’s quick to tell clients, “Don’t guess! If you think something is wrong with your electrical environment, Majestic Plumbing & Electric!

Jimmy Mcculley
Jimmy Mcculley
Electrical Technician

Age: 49
Experience: 29 Years
Specialties: Electrical Troubleshooting

Jimmy grew up in Marietta, Georgia, currently lives in Acworth, and has three beautiful daughters. Our customers describe him as friendly and honest and he is an expert go-cart driver.

Dustin Harteau
Dustin Harteau
Electrical Technician

Age: 30
Experience: 11 Years
Specialties: Everything Electrical

Dustin lives in Dallas, Georgia with his wife and three daughters. He’s a hard worker and firmly believes: “You can’t get anywhere without working for it.” His pet peeve is helping keep our customers’ electrical panel load as balanced as possible.

Dustin Harteau
Mark Gay
Electrical Apprentice

Age: 28
Experience: About a Year
Specialties: Electrician Apprentice

Rumor has it that Mark is known for his customer service. Customers have even complimented him on his communication ability, and he has full confidence in his ability to bring resolution to a situation where a customer is disgruntled. A saying he always remembers is, “Can’t never could until he tried.” And before he settles for can’t, Mark believes in always trying and giving it his all. Around mid-2016, Mark joined the Majestic team through an invite by one of his coworkers, and ever since then, he has dedicated his skills and experience to serving residents and businesses of the Greater Atlanta area.

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