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If you quantified the skills, experience, and expertise of every Majestic Plumbing and Electric service professional, the results would be astounding. Experience not just one, or two, but an entire fleet of award winning professionals.

Steve Rollins
Steve Rollins
Electrical Technician

Age: 55
Experience: 36 Years
Specialties: Electrial Troubleshooting

For 36 years, Steve has helped the residents of West Atlanta with troubleshooting their electrical problems. He is known for his friendliness and the way he cares for each client from start to end. In his years of experience, Steve can tell you that even though you can’t see it or smell it, electricity is something that should not be played with and only true professionals should handle electrical problems. When he is not working, Steve loves to spend time with his wife and children along with their 4 cats.

RJ Widmaier
RJ Widmaier
Electrical Technician

Age: 44
Experience: 9 Years
Specialties: Problem Solving

RJ has had an impressive career in plumbing, winning not one, but TWO safety awards for safe practices. RJ's motto is to work smart, not hard. This means that she takes the extra time to evaluate the client’s situation, work out the best solution for the problem, and implement that solution in a safe way. RJ is funny, kind, and a very knowledgeable tech to have on your job.

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