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Home New Electrical Service Installation

Atlanta Electric Installation

While both of these could be categorized by “emergency service needed,” due to deadlines and other factors, the most likely 24/7 help-me-now type of situation would likely be for new service if your old service has failed, has malfunctioned, or has fully shut down.

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There are two primary situations that would merit a need for new electrical service installation:

  • You have a new residential or commercial structure, or an entity inside a structure, that needs new electrical service
  • Your existing home or business electrical structure needs to be replaced.

Lightning strikes, power surges, blown transformers, or even internal forces like bad wiring or overloaded circuits, they can all add to an electrical dilemma. And contrary to most other household inconveniences, electrical problems are very dangerous, and even potentially deadly. If you need new Atlanta Electrical Installation, or any other electrical services inside Metro Atlanta, or any of the surrounding areas, look no further than Majestic Plumbing & Electric!

Even if your existing electrical system hasn’t completely malfunctioned, you may be noticing an increase in activities like flipping breakers, flickering lamps, appliances stop working when another appliance starts working, or crackling sounds from your electrical housing units, don’t let the problem get out of hand! Let Majestic Electrical help you retain a firm grip on your electrical service situations. And if your electrical service situation actually does become a SITUATION, Majestic’s award winning professionals are only a phone call away from handling your electrical service installation needs.

The repercussions of unattended electrical problems, like bad wiring, can cause all sorts of problems. Some of them can be as trivial as appliances not running at full strength. Some of them can be as intense as the nearly 70,000 residential and commercial fires that begin every year from bad wiring. These fires cause over $800,000,000 in damages and upwards of 200 deaths annually in the United States.

If necessary, even an electrical panel upgrade is not something you want to even consider doing yourself. Instead, call the professionals at Majestic Plumbing. Our punctual, professional technicians provide up-front pricing, so you won’t get blindsided by any hidden fees. We also work efficiently, so we minimize the disruption to your home life when improvement projects are going on. With Majestic Plumbing & Electric’s certified professionals performing your electrical panel upgrade, you know your home is in good hands and that you’re working with the leading Atlanta Electric Installation professionals.

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